I’m in the process of “breaking up” my parent’s home and have moved them closer to me. What a task this has been! Dad is a little confused over all that is going on, but at 84 and 85, they admit it is best. The move has come with its challenges and leaving “things” behind has been a source of constant discussion. These three (and actually there is a fourth; I just forgot to photograph him) will be sold in the estate sale in a few weeks.

Mother always loved having a beautiful garden. Each spring, her hundreds of day lilies were a draw for neighbors and friends. She  began collecting them as a result of a gift from my late friend Peggy Bass, whom I have written about before. Peggy was in the Atlanta Day Lily Society and even had a day lily named after her.  She is the one who started Mom off with about 12 small plants. Thanks to Peggy, mother’s desire to “collect” day lilies began and never stopped!

This statue is called Autumn and he is holding a bounty of wheat. It reminds me of Mom and Dad and how they have finally entered the harvest time of life where they are enjoying the bounty that has been stored up for them.