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Home with PJ

PJ loves the cottage. That's all I can say. He is okay with the Marietta townhouse, but he loves the cottage; and most mornings, you can find him sleeping in different rooms. The sun porch is cold now, so he is in the bedrooms. Whenever I walk in on him, like I did last Saturday, [...]

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Sunset at Kennesaw

Cocoa Joy looking up at me. Such a faithful dog. Sunset at Cheatham Hill Battlefield near Kennesaw Mountain. Chip looks down at what is called Dead Angle. He's not looking for anything more than deer, and he sees them. They are tiny dots in this photo. He's such a good looking boy even with his [...]

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Before her haircut

Friends and dogs were out for an evening on the Marietta Square, and Cocoa Joy loves being with people. She has always been mischievous! Too bad I know her like a very well read book. In this photo, she's watching me to see if I'm going to tell her to stop begging the person next [...]

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