Last year, I had no way of knowing whether I would be able to paddle The Tugaloo River History Tour this year or not. A serious brush with cancer, chemo treatments, and recovery (that I’m still going through) zapped my strength. But guess what? I kept paddling through!

Perfect Days are never perfect but they have all that we need and much more. We began this day with fog and ended with sunshine!

I continue to love this view of the Tugaloo River. It was full. In fact, even the people who grew up here said they can’t remember seeing it this high. Lots of water combined with perfect weather set the stage for a wonderful paddle.

My long hair is gone now but my new hair is lots of fun! It has grown out just in time for the summer! I can’t wait to go swimming and get it wet in the lakes and just let it air dry. 🙂

The river is so full and this paddle was, I think, my favorite one ever. We didn’t have to “work” going down river. We could just drift and paddle smoothly. I think Anne had lots of fun.

Pat did, too. I love her new boat! I think she has three of them now!

Here’s Beth at the pool at Longnose Falls—one of our favorite places on the paddle. So this is one view of the falls area and

here is the other. Paddlers make their way up to the bottom of the falls.

This year was just fantastic! The Longnose Falls were full from one end to another. It’s been two years since we have been able to paddle to this area. The water level in Lake Hartwell has to be high enough for us to get to the falls.

Favorite thing is always connecting with friends and last Saturday I got to connect with Jon Bulkley. Sometimes I think our lives have run in parallel to one another. He and his wife were at TFC the same time I was there and then we were at In Touch together. Small world!