I’m grateful that we got the Tugaloo River History Tour in before all the rain return at the first of June. We almost canceled the paddle due to the threat of rain on Memorial Day weekend. But we stayed the course, and the weather the day of the paddle could not have been better.

We had a full but safe river to paddle on. There was just enough drama: fog, deep water, sun, a few drops of rain, and amazing temperatures! Unlike the river in this photo, we had a much safer trip down the Tugaloo River.

This is Yonah Dam that feeds the Tugaloo River. Water is coming over the top of it from Lake Yonah. Actually, friends who live on the lake have told us that their docks were under water. The Corp of Engineers began releasing water from all the Georgia Power lakes the first week in June making kayaking unsafe for now due to high bacteria levels.

This is one of my favorite photos—sunset on the Tugaloo River. It is where the old covered bridge at Prather Bridge once stood. The only thing left are the supports. Usually, these are much more visible but not with this much water flowing down river.

Finally, here are the head-waters of Lake Hartwell. The lake is well-above full pool. I have to laugh at what seem to be a large rock in the foreground of this photo. It’s not! It’s a large hay bale that washed down stream and ended up near the shore. (smile)