I love sunsets. Lots of times, we focus on the larger view and overlook the smaller ones like the tall grasses in this field tipped with the light of the setting sun. A couple of days ago, I drove out to see my favorite herd of cows and found that they had been moved to another field. Cocoa was with me and was begging to walk through the grass.

I usually don’t allow her to do that because she is a born hunter and bird flusher and would be gone, gone, gone! But this time, I thought, “Why not?” Sure enough off she went and I was fine with that until I remembered that there was water in this field along with a stream. Right now, we have lots of snakes out and about; and while I’m not a “scary” person, I wanted to make sure she didn’t overtake something that would hurt her.

So I tried to call her back and had little to no success! But finally, I did get her before she stepped into a very large wet portion of land. I think Cocoa would have been a very good Spaniel retriever, but we just never took that class.

Anyway, here’s what you miss if you are not getting out in the evenings—beautiful, beautiful Stephens County sunsets!