Red, white, and blue! Happy Birthday America! And as always thank you Anne for allowing us to invade your boat and travel to parts unknown on Lake Hartwell. We call it the Picnic Boat because that seems to be what we do the most these days—picnic and kayak, too.

The thing about Pat and Beth is that they have learned how to use their phones really well for photography. Their photos are pretty cool! I’m still post processing mine. Pat takes the photo and then says, “I’m done!”

This has become one of my favorite sights. Boats on the water at sunset and all setup for fireworks. I’ve traveled all over and this area is still my favorite because it is home. I forgot to take photos of Anne’s BBQ ribs. They were the best this year.

Beautiful sunset. I’m grateful to be an American. Grateful for friends and grateful to those who are praying for me as I journey through these weeks at home in Toccoa.

This scene always makes us smile.

And then there is this! It was a very Happy 4th!