Lake Tugalo is a fantastic place to go flat water kayaking. It is located on the Georgia-South Carolina border near Long Creek SC. It is best known as the terminus of the Chattooga River and we have paddled up to the lower rapids but not this past Sunday. After getting a late start, we could only paddle a few miles before turning around and heading back to the insanely steep boat ramp on the South Carolina side.

The other thing that always seems to happen to us on this lake is a dam release combined with wind! Georgia Power controls the dams along a string of lakes in northeast Georgia. The area is beyond beautiful but the lakes are very deep and at times swift.

Two rivers flow into Lake Tugalo—one from Tallulah Gorge and the other is the Chattooga. This is just a wild, wild area and for some reason, we are drawn to it but notice we keep our PFDs on!! There’s a reason. I told Anne what  C. S. Lewis wrote about Aslan: He’s wild, you know. Not like a tame lion. This is a very wild area and very untamed.

Once we crossed the main lake, we could relax and head up stream toward the lower rapids on the Chattooga.

Me. . . . Someone had to take the photo and everyone else was busy. What can I say?

Anne found a small waterfall—one of the many that flow into the lake and river. We gave up our larger boats for smaller ones because we could “pop” them into our SUVs and head out. I had three boats in and on my 4 Runner this past weekend.

Sometimes, it is just fun to post something that is wild and free.

Like this and . . .

like these: Blackberries, which were all over the banks. We stopped long enough to eat a few and talk about how bears probably come down in the evenings to help themselves. Or then there could be snakes!! Imaginations are crazy things and should never be wasted!