I love the fact that I can drive about 10 minutes and be at Walker Creek. Last Saturday, the river was so still. No dam releases by Georgia Power! So the river was like glass and we could paddle anywhere without a problem. This meant going down stream and back up stream easily.

Love this view!

But this is nice, too. The water color changes with the time of the day and then also I can’t really rely on my waterproof camera. As you paddle further down stream, you can see the rocks on the hillside. You also get closer to a geological fault line that runs across the river near Lake Hartwell. I never knew this until I paddled and listened to Kelly talk about it on the Tugaloo River History Tour.

Mimosa Trees! A true sign of summer in the south! Little waterproof camera did okay on this one. (smile)

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, and I decided to drop it in here. We were at Long Nose Falls in South Carolina.