A week ago I had the opportunity to help “put up corn” for Paradise Mountain Ministries in Toccoa. I’m so grateful to God for allowing me to serve these folks in anyway possible.

These are the faces of third culture kids who come from all around the world to go to college and then return to their countries where they will be used by God to offer His forgiveness to a dying world.

On this hot summer night, we shucked corn and then took it off the cob so it could be frozen and much later enjoyed by the students who live at Paradise.

The corn was picked early in the morning and had to be cut and prepared before the evening so that it would tender and sweet.

And believe me: it was so sweet and tender. I was nibbling on it raw!

We put up around 115 quarts of corn and it will be used all winter for stews and soups and other dishes.

Always grateful and always smiling Sanna carries an armful of corn to us. What a blessing!