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Marietta Spring!

Recently, I found the Marietta Garden Club house, which is one of the places that "Old Marietta" meets to discuss the city and all of its floral ramblings. It's also a historical home not far from the city square. The roses were beautiful. More spring and summer flowers just opening. And more roses, though there [...]

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It’s Official!

A couple of weeks ago, I was bemoaning the fact that we were in the middle of Blackberry Winter. But I also live in the south and spring is always on a "start – stop" rotation. One day, temperatures will be in the low 80's and two days later, we are dragging sweaters back out [...]

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Added Protection

These two mean serious business even in the rain! I just had to take their photo as they guarded and protected one of the fields of cows that I visit regularly. They eventually came up to the fence to check out my camera, but I did not have anything to offer them. They stayed positioned [...]

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Amazing Things

I get to see and do some pretty amazing things. This day we're using the drone to capture the action at the construction site for the new WellStar Vinings Health Park. I love getting to venture out into different worlds with things like drones on fast-paced construction sites. Whenever we take off, everyone wants to [...]

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