A couple of weeks ago, I was bemoaning the fact that we were in the middle of Blackberry Winter. But I also live in the south and spring is always on a “start – stop” rotation. One day, temperatures will be in the low 80’s and two days later, we are dragging sweaters back out of the closet because it is near freezing. So here’s the diehard truth about spring in the south: when you see blackberry bushes blooming and the weather turns cold for a few day, it’s safe to say we are about to go over the hill into summer weather.

This past weekend, I photographed blackberry blooms; and today, it is in the 50’s which means I have my heater running under my desk at work simply because all my winter clothes have been transferred to the cottage for storage until next fall. Two weeks ago, we were kayaking in shorts; today we are very cool. But this weekend, the weather reports are saying we’ll be back in the 80’s! So, blackberry winter is here and Lake Yonah here we come! (Smile) By June, I’ll hope for blackberry cobbler! Ha!