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Edith’s Daylilies

Edith has been growing daylilies for over 35 years. My Mom and Dad would often drive up to the Nachoochee Valley to buy plants from her. My dear friend Peggy Bass, who loved dayliles and had hundreds in her front yard, and also knew Edith. So, it was only natural for me to drop by [...]

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Lazy Saturday

My legs ad feet are finally getting tan and . . . my feet bare the marks of my water shoes. A sunset and a picnic on Lake Hartwell—its a cheap way to have dinner with a very relaxing view. Another sunset view. And then Venus, Mars, and the Moon.

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My summer flowers

Lavender! I love this plant and it keeps wanting to take over the patio. I promised myself last year that I will dry some of it so I will have it in the winter. Then I will be able to remember the summer and the days spent on this patio. This poor little rose continues [...]

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