I finally made it to Antico Pizza on Friday Evening! If you are all about having fun, this is the place to go. Since Antico is located on Hemphill Ave. near Georgia Tech, I had told myself to wait until the students had gone home for the summer and that was a good choice. Tech students pack into the place until it is overflowing with Yellow Jackets! 🙂 By the time we left around 7:30 pm, the line was out the door and that is without the rush of students.

This guy realized he was having his photo taken and performed all the more.

Tossing pizza!

Antico is located in the Little Italia neighborhood and has become an Atlanta landmark. It has a long list of accolades including the highest score in Zagat’s first-ever pizza survey of “Best Pizza in 23 U.S. Cities” – beating out New York City! It was also honored with the International “Top in Class” Award.

This is the real deal—true Italian pizza and three wood burning ovens. What more could you need!

The staff was just having fun and I was too. They showed off for my camera as songs from Andrea Bocelli played over Bose speakers through the restaurant.

And the pizza was the best I have ever had! Antico Pizza Napoletana offers a menu of traditional classics and a few originals, including award-winning pizza  like the San Gennaro and the Diavola. It was delicious. They have sodas and water and more but many people show up with their own bottles. And that is okay. Seems like all this place wants to do is to make and sell pizza.

This is not a cozy hide-away. Everyone eats together on long tables, which remind me of some of the restaurants in Europe where you dine family style with total strangers. But usually, everyone ends up talking and laughing together. Fun!

I have no idea what I was eating but I found it on the bar near where they were making the pizza. Abby J would have loved these peppers!! †