Familiar View and one that is certainly a favorite. I love Lake Yonah. It is close; it is simple; and it is just plain sweet. We were paddling along and ran into two women, who had paddle the Tugaloo River with us for the last two years. Over 125 people joined us this year on the river, and so many were friends! It was just a big outdoor event!

Familiar plant and favorite bloom — Mountain Laurel!

Familiar Friends, who live on Lake Yonah. We actually got invited to a Lake Yonah party in a couple of weeks. We’ll “kayak over” and join in the fun.

Familiar Lake House. My favorite—tiny but so cute. I imagine it remodeled and with a fireplace added. Guess I really do work with an architectural/design firm.

Familiar View! Favorite view; my happy place.

Familiar sign! Equals a sweet paddle.