Lavender! I love this plant and it keeps wanting to take over the patio. I promised myself last year that I will dry some of it so I will have it in the winter. Then I will be able to remember the summer and the days spent on this patio.

This poor little rose continues to survive even thought I’m not at the house all the time to care for it. It had just rained when I took this photo.

My parents once had hundreds of daylilies—rows and rows of them. When they moved away from their longtime home, they had to leave them behind. But I did rescue a few and planted them at the cottage in Toccoa. This is where they are beginning to multiply again. Thankfully!

Mother told me recently that she once knew the name of very single daylily.

I believe her because while we were talking, she began to tell me their names just by seeing their colors and shapes.

This was one of my Dad’s favorites. He also loved one that was called “Big Red.” But it has not bloomed yet. I’m watching the hillside for that one!

Gentle view.

Bright orange: this one is always glowing! (smile)