Edith has been growing daylilies for over 35 years. My Mom and Dad would often drive up to the Nachoochee Valley to buy plants from her. My dear friend Peggy Bass, who loved dayliles and had hundreds in her front yard, and also knew Edith.

So, it was only natural for me to drop by her garden and walk through her beautiful lilies. It had just stopped raining when we arrived and the flowers were dazzling with color and rain drops.

Just beautiful!

Here I am with Edith. She smiled and said, “You are going to put me up on Facebook aren’t you?” To which I replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” (smile) The daylily I purchased was named Star of Bethlehem, and she was quick to tell me that it was the prettiest one in her garden!

She also had lacecap hydrangea, which my Dad also grew and loved.

A little family of blue birds, who were not a bit afraid of us kept feeding their babies the entire time we were there! Sweet!