What a weekend we had in Toccoa, it was fun being at the Toccoa Symphony Patriotic Pops Concert on Sunday evening. I love outdoor concerts! Years ago, I always enjoyed hearing the ASO play in the parks around the city. They just don’t do that anymore. They grew up as a symphony and stopped doing outside concerts.

The setting for the concert was Currahee Club and the atmosphere was anything but disappointing. It was beautiful as usual.

Half in the sun and half in the shade: Pat and Sharon enjoy dinner.

Anne prays before she eats. . . . Yikes! She has her eyes open!

She also has her camera.

Bill Newson from my church dropped by to say hi and I showed him how to take a “selfie” with a DSLR. He and his wife, Lynn, are very special people. They are friends!

Then Sharon decided to go up to the balcony to take a photo of Conductor David Stufft once the orchestra started playing again. While she was there, she posed for my photo. 🙂 She’s a natural!

Then I posed for Anne’s photo and the lake posed for all of us.

It’s going to be a wonderful 4th of July!