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This Past Sunday

I'm posting these few photos before I post the ones that were taken of the falls at Dukes Creek. The waterfalls there were breathtaking. But these photos were taken at Smithgall Woods. We had planned to hike there last Sunday and go back to the covered bridge, but the trails in that area were closed [...]

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Sunset Walk

Sunset is my favorite time of the day! I'm always on the hunt for beautiful settings that help me end the day with a sense of peace and well being. You can imagine my surprise when recently I found this amazing little place to walk in the evenings with the dogs. It's along a narrow [...]

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More snapshots for my photo album

I have a house maybe 25 minutes from the Lake Rabun Hotel, but I keep wanting to spend the night in this place! I just haven't done it yet. But the food in the hotel's restaurant was wonderful—farm to table like so many are serving in Northeast Georgia. The hotel was built in 1922. From [...]

The images of spring!

Last Sunday I visited a southern garden and it was beautiful. Colleen Shurley has lots of Azaleas that cover the hillsides surrounding her home. Tucked in between the bushes are tiny wild flowers that you can imagine being a part of floral arrangements from a time gone by. There were also Dogwoods with large petals. [...]

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