I have a house maybe 25 minutes from the Lake Rabun Hotel, but I keep wanting to spend the night in this place! I just haven’t done it yet. But the food in the hotel’s restaurant was wonderful—farm to table like so many are serving in Northeast Georgia.

The hotel was built in 1922. From what I have read, it could possibly be the last surviving mountain lodge on a lake in Georgia. Walking through the doors was like stepping back in time—no noise or chatter from large screen TVs—just plenty of peace and quiet.

The hotel was restored by preservationists in 2008 to maintain its historical charm. The landscape surrounding the building features gardens of native plants, rock pillars, walkways, locust log decks, and balconies that overlook Lake Rabun and the Blue Ridge Mountains. After paddling other area lakes, I think Rabun is one of the most beautiful in the mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Fresh flowers are placed in the sitting areas. This one also had a fireplace with a fire going and it was needed.

I also drove around Lake Seed. It’s one of my favorites, too. But then all the lakes in this area are drop dead gorgeous! Yes, it was green. Strange, I know but the color of the lakes often change with the seasons and the color of the sky.

Here’s a sweet little fence that I saw on the way to the hotel.

The perfect close to a day that started out with flooding rains! Happy at Lake Hartwell!