I’m posting these few photos before I post the ones that were taken of the falls at Dukes Creek. The waterfalls there were breathtaking. But these photos were taken at Smithgall Woods. We had planned to hike there last Sunday and go back to the covered bridge, but the trails in that area were closed because they were having a turkey hunt! We had just a moment of disappointment.

The stream at Smithgall is Georgia’s premier trout stream. It’s crystal clear and gorgeous!

I know it looks small but it is really a treat to fish in these waters. Sharon, Pat and Anne are not in this photo but Jim is along with Beth and Donna!

Dukes Creek!

We drove a little further to hike the Dukes Creek trail. Before we began our two mile hike, we stopped at an overlook. I love being with these friends!

The color of green in the spring always makes me think of young ferns and the newness that comes with this season.