Last Sunday I visited a southern garden and it was beautiful. Colleen Shurley has lots of Azaleas that cover the hillsides surrounding her home. Tucked in between the bushes are tiny wild flowers that you can imagine being a part of floral arrangements from a time gone by.

There were also Dogwoods with large petals.

A pair of Doves watched me as I transitioned from one area to another. They had to a decision to make: allow me to photograph them or fly away and miss dinner! They stayed!

These are little “Forget Me Nots,” and I hope no one does. (Smile)

The resident “outside” kitty hid under a bush and went unnoticed until someone pointed her (or him) out to me.

So sweet.

Believe it or not, Colleen uses this racket to take care of attacking white-faced bees. From what I gathered, she rarely misses her target.

Ferns opening in afternoon sunlight. . . . I love this sight because I know spring is here! When I see these, I just want to sing one of the songs from the Wizard of Oz: “You’re out of the woods; You’re out of the dark; You’re out of the night; Step into the sun, step into the light.” You get the picture! Happy to be stepping away from winter.

Native Azaleas—so beautiful in Georgia.

Finally, this little violet that always reminds me of my friend Peggy Bass, who loved her violets and never seemed to mind that they tried to take over her front yard.