When I go out to shoot for our firm, I have two things in my mind. One, I’m a “b-string” photographer and that’s okay. The “big guys” get to shoot the really big projects, but they have the really, really heavy stress load. They have to produce amazing photographs that would tempt any editor at Architectural Digest. But me, I can just do my “b-string/minor league” thing and pray that I get something good enough for our company’s website. Second, I look for something—one thing—that I can post on my own website. I usually find something that is at least a little fun and in my mind’s eye “A-string.” (smile)

On this trip to the new UGA Vet Center, I took some pretty good shots that I think we can use in a couple of different places. This place is amazing, but we did not design the center. I wish we had. Instead, one of our designers only did the furniture procurement. Notice how I used architectural “speak.” And really it is not furniture; its furnishings. Yikes and double yikes! I’ll tell you something else: a designer doesn’t pick out lamps . . . I learned that fact the hard way. 🙂 They normally design spaces, buildings, and campuses, and then the details amazingly fall into place. Even though I have photos of the “test” colors on the walls of Paulding Hospital, I was told never—NEVER—to refer to them as picking out colors or “colours” and lamps and trim. Confused? Welcome to my crazy world.

Life rolls along best when you just smile and nod like you know exactly what everyone does and how they do it. Marketing people can do things like that. We are cheerleaders that get to play with cool toys and make images come to life. And occasionally, you become beloved enough to get an assignment that takes you into the depths of a designer’s world and then you realize the truth: lamps really are a part of the process along with paint chips and rubber bands. I have no idea why I just wrote rubber bands. I only know that we have a large jar of these in our office; and later in the afternoon, when no one is around I hear people come in and raid our stash! But you did not hear that from me!

Back to the point of this post. This medical center is so amazing, with so many areas, that I was just blown away. We photographed room after room of furnishings (Ha! I got “furnishings” right.) and after three hours there was still much more to go. Lots of good things for our animals will happen in this facility. I’m sure Cocoa has a file there because her vets have sent blood samples and other things over to the school to be tested. The people there are tremendously nice and bright. We transitioned through every area and by the time we reached the large animal hospital, I was ready to drop. The “furnishings” in that area were leather, wood, and other natural looking elements. I was speechless.

Then there was this row of  simple chairs and I blew it. I wanted to photograph them so badly and look what I did! Because I was tired and silly, I forgot to straighten the one on the end. . . which is why I’m a “b-string” photographer with a willing heart! 🙂

Now that’s much better!