The last paddle of the season (unless we head out to Lake Hartwell) was spent on Lake Rabun. It is such a sweet lake that has an atmosphere of a “time gone by.” We did not paddle out into the open lake but rather headed up to the Georgia Power dam area where the lake narrows into a fast moving river.

The scenery was typical northeast Georgia—drop dead beautiful!

Paddling away from the boat ramp is where we had a choice to go out into the open lake or to a portion that was narrow and quaint. We chose the “lake portion less paddled by.”

And we were not disappointed. The boat houses and the homes were once again typical of this area—so attractive and like they were from another point in time.

Beth seems to really like this sport. I think she would give it a “two-thumbs up.”

Anne and Pat paddled passed homes and boat houses that looked like a village.

There is always lots of wild life. These guys didn’t care how close I paddled to them. The big plus here was the fact that they were babies and curious.

Here’s one of my favorite boat houses—with a blue “Amish” styled door.

Anne slipped away from the group and decided to see if she could photograph the geese that we had just watched come down on the other side of this small island. Wow! Northeast Georgia.

Me, of course. I’m the only one with a camera and the only goofy person that will take my own photograph.


Anne in swift water during a time when Georgia Power was releasing water from the dam.

Pat and Beth paddling on a lake that was smooth as glass at this point.

Pat posing perfectly for a REI ad.

The first colors of fall!