I love this destination. Nora Mill Granary just flat out has good products. They grind their own flour, corn for grits, and lots more—all of which comes from local farmers, who are very conscious about the environment. I talked with the owner last week, and he reminded me that they do not strip out the vitamins. Nora Mill’s products are fresh and worth the trip. Besides once you are there, you can enjoy the Sautee Nacoochee Valley.

The mill sets on the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River; and at this point, the river is clear and much cleaner. Notice the large rainbow and native brown trout in this photo. People told me that the heron was catching a few small fish. But there was no way he could catch the larger ones! We tossed fish food out and the trout immediately came to the surface to get it splashing Mr. Heron in the process.

Here we are—fall shadows watching the water show. I’m on the end on the right with my camera lifted.

White corn is ground for grits.

Fall is everywhere we turn in northeast Georgia.