I always love the view from the front porch at the Van Dyke’s house in Balsam. It looks out over the mountains and has been one that God has used to encourage and to refresh me on many occasions.

And then there is nearby Balsam Mountain Inn where I have gone for many respites over the years. This past weekend I was remembering all the times I ended up sitting on the wide porches rocking and sleeping off the exhaustion that comes from writing too many books too quickly.

Here’s their signage but their web site is: www.balsammountaininn.net.

There are no televisions at Balsam Mountain Inn, and I doubt if there is a WIFI connection. These two things are not why you go to the Inn. The reason you go to the Inn is to leave all of the clutter of the world behind. Lights are dimmed at 10 pm and there’s nothing better to do than to jump in one of their antique iron beds and read a good book until you fall off into a wonderful sleep.

This place shouts of history. This  fountain was once used to fill glass water pitchers that guests had in their rooms.

Cozy fall pumpkins on every table!

and the rocking chairs where I would dream dreams and where no one could call me.

Anne and Pat and a lovely day.