Tallulah Falls Lake is probably the most beautiful lake in the string of Georgia Power seed lakes. To fully experience its beauty, you need to get out in the middle of it in a kayak or a canoe.

That is when you see the rocky cliffs and the small waterfalls that make this lake so special.

Beth is getting her strokes down. I really want to love this lake and I do, but I know how deep this one is and all I can say is “double yikes.” It is hundreds of feet deep.

We passed small waterfalls that stream down chiseled rock walls.

And we kept our PFDs on the entire time!

In the distance is all that is left of the once popular Tallulah Falls Railroad. The train once crossed over the lake with passenger cars full of tourists.

So paddling this lake is like paddling back in time. It is beautiful, wild, and most of all restful.

Suddenly, we were under this huge concrete bridge piling.

There is always lots of wildlife around the lakes. This guy was not a bit frightened of me.

Finally, a “selfie” because no one is in the kayak with me.