I love walking at Kennesaw National Battlefield. There is more than one battlefield and miles of hiking trails. This field is located between Pigeon Hill and Cheatham Hill. The dogs go crazy out here because there are deer sniffs and lots of wildlife—sort of like having a little taste of living in Stephens County.


We stood very still and watched a mother and her babies go into the protection of the shade trees. Chipley thinks deer are skinny cows. He knows they are not dogs but cows are more believable to him! So he whines and cries.


This particular section of the park has a ridge with trenches from the Civil War. You definitely can imagine how these were laid out in a patchwork quilt style. They remain as testimonials to a senseless time in out nation’s history.


Cocoa is still up and ready to keep going, but Chip is down for the count! He is hot and he can’t go in any of the streams in this area. They are full of really bad water.


And Cocoa just wanted to keep going. She’s nine and walks like she did when she was three!


I just wanted to post this shot. There are many fallen trees at Kennesaw. Because it is a natural environment, the Park Service just lets them stay where they fall. I shot these photos with my waterproof Nikon and while I fuss about the quality of the photos, it still does some pretty good things. Best of all: it’s lightweight, small, rugged . . . and it is waterproof.