Kelly&Me_edited-1It was fun signing books with Kelly this past weekend at Currahee Club’s Summer Celebration, which included local artists and members of  the local farmer’s market. The new Southern Living home opened; and as always, it was great being with friends. Plus, I got to see Lenny and Josh, who recently graduated from college, and Sharon Crosby. We are going to work on another project together!

There was time to talk with Clarence, who is convinced I have his light sphere! (smile) We always talked about photography and that is what we did on Saturday.

Pat and Donna were there, and they stay and as usual we “tried” to close the Canoe Grill down later that evening. Lots of fun!

Roy English was the surprise of the day! I never knew he played the guitar or the harmonica! Cathy you forgot to tell me your husband had talent!

Anne’s brother Mike had a birthday and they celebrated! Mike is a really good photographer, who lives in a northern metro Atlanta suburb. “Mike,” I asked, “why don’t you move to Toccoa and then we could do photography together?” He laughed but he didn’t say no.

Martha Hunt wants me to join the symphony and that sounds fun, but I also want to join the Tugaloo Corridor group. So many decisions and so little time!

Dear friend Donna also celebrated her birthday and helped us close down the Canoe Grill later that evening.

Georgia House Representative Dan Gasaway and his mom stopped by to see me, and I was able to introduce him to Kelly. Dan loves history and I have a feeling that whenever I see him and his wonderful wife Shannon, we’ll have lots to talk about.