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Home in Toccoa

Good morning view in Toccoa and Chipley's favortie thing: a cow! Oh, the Rhododendron and the thought that I have made it through winter and spring and summer are here. One of the things I love the most about this area are the fern glades. We'll walk through these all weekend. Lush greens and wooded [...]

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Getting ready to fly

Yikes! The drone with a little "Hero" camera on the front to capture all the shots we need of the new Paulding Hospital. Max and Michael set things up. Max is so talented. He inspires me to try video and new things. I'm smiling because I'm with the guys from Nine Line and I'm learning [...]

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Blue Birds in Toccoa

HA! I have blue birds at the cottage in Toccoa, and this daddy had food in his beak for his babies. The little family that I had last year was very shy but this couple is totally different. They fly in and out with me standing only a few feet away. And here's momma. She's [...]

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