Just a fun sight . . . a full pool at Lake Hartwell, lots of sunshine, and kayaks.

You would think that we would jump in the water and begin to paddle but we didn’t. We jumped in the kayaks and began floating slowly toward Broken Bridges. I think Anne looks like she’s having a good time.

We paddled some . . . but then we floated even more.

Then it hit us that the sky had changed really quickly. Pat turned around and was watching the storm clouds gather in the distance.

Made it to Broken Bridges!

And it wasn’t long before the weather looked pretty threatening but it was still beautiful.

As we began to paddle back, I noticed the “sea” had turned rough. The wind started blowing and the lake became very, very choppy.

You never know who you will run into in Toccoa. Tom was waiting at the dock for his son to get their truck so they could load up the boat before the storm hit. I paddled by him but was amazed by his ability to hang on to the dock and not drift away!