I’m finally settling into living near the Marietta Square. It was a move I had to make so that other things could happen in time, and it works perfectly. Now, I can walk the dogs in the city and at the battlefields near Kennesaw and also enjoy the farmer’s market every Saturday. The city closes down streets on the square for this. I think farmers have been bringing things to the Marietta Square to sell for way over 100 years.

There were Georgia peaches and they are good. They have to be from way south of here because normally peaches are not in season in this area until later in June and July.

I don’t know why I took a photo of this basket except it was pretty and gentle sitting outside one of the shops.

This guy, whose work I thought was very interesting, was at Dupree’s. He saw me coming his way with the camera and he said, “Snap away.” I was in a hurry and normally would have stopped and talked for a few minutes—maybe another time. I’m discovering there are lots of artists in Marietta.