One of Cocoa’s favorite walks is at Cheatham Hill (Kennesaw Mountain). I have discovered that everyone where I live has a favorite section of the park. I really found that out this week when a serious debate began between a neighbor and Robyn, Cocoa’s groomer. One thought Pigeon Hill was the best trail to walk and the other said the loop to the visitor’s center was better. I don’t think Cocoa or Chip really care, but I do know the Cheatham Hill path has lots of squirrels and that equals fun, fun, fun!

Cocoa wanted to run. So, I jogged alongside her. That lasted only about a minute.

Then she realized that we were not running as fast as the “no shirt runners,” who passed us. That bit of action left Chip barkless. Imagine!?

Cocoa Joy surveys the battlefield where hundreds died 150 years ago. A recent tree removal gave her a perfect vantage point.

In this photo, we are almost back at the car and we’re in front of the Cheatham Hill canons all pointed into the woods! Yikes!