I can’t say that Lake Yonah is my favorite lake, but it is close to my favorite. The truth is all the lakes in northeast Georgia are in a tie for number one. But this is certainly one of the sweetest lakes in the area. The “seed” lakes are all in a chain and feed into one another. Lake Seed, Lake Burton, Lake Rabun, Lake Tugalo, and Lake Yonah are Georgia Power lakes and they are deep. No kidding.

Above is the little cove that we paddle out of on Lake Yonah. I always love paddling through this area and always hate to paddle back because it signals that the trip is over.

How many times have I taken this little house’s photo? Countless times and I never feel that I get a good shot because I have to use waterproof cameras.

At one point, this little house was the Post Office for the entire lake. Years ago, there were no roads around Lake Yonah. All the houses were built from materials that could be carried in by barge. There is still not a complete road around the lake. It is pure isolation in some spots!

This was Beth’s first time out with us, and she loved it. I think we probably paddled at least three miles or further.

Here the kayaks are docked at the boat house of someone that Anne knows. I love this photo and don’t care that it was taken with the baby Nikon that can swim underwater.

And here’s the top of the boat house. We had it rough for the few minutes that we stopped. I know we need to be more serious, right? Nope!

Here’s Anne and it is probably at this point that I began asking what we were going to do about dinner!

Jumping Rock is the place that Sharon Morden uses as a diving board and the rest of us just sit and watch in amazement.

Paddling back, which is always hard to do.