This is one of my favorite places to go on a Sunday afternoon. We’ve gone there several times with friends from church. It is an easy drive from Toccoa up to Tallulah Gorge. Of course, this is not the Gorge. It’s the Tallulah River that flows in the Tallulah Lake and then the lake dumps into the Gorge. The river and the lake are dam controlled by Georgia Power. All the “seed” lakes that are in a chain in northeast Georgia are extremely beautiful and some are very wild and natural.

Cocoa gives this scene 10 paws because she gets to do something that most dogs never do—swim in the waters of the Tallulah River!

Chip got all the way in the water and did not want to come out! He loves water and he has to be watched at every turn.

Anne and Holly Berry enjoy the view. This is just awesome scenery!

And Beth photographs what looks to be a small rapid but there is more there than what this photo shows.