Saturday, I was back at one of my favorite places to visit—the Old Sautee Store. It’s a annual Christmas destination, but I couldn’t make it back to the mountains in time to do that. So this past weekend and after my visit to see Shanna at 126 Greenway, gave me the perfect opportunity to drop by this wonderful old store.

Here’s a familiar sight even for those who live in Atlanta. We (Cocoa and me) love eating at the deli. They welcome dogs on the outside patio, which is a great place to hang out, especially in the warmer months.

I love the lens that Clarence Wulf sold me. It lets me do all kinds of crazy things with the camera. He called last weekend and wanted to know if he could borrow it!

Finally, I thought this was a really neat collection of books for children. But not one book on the shelf contained a line about living in a city! “They” start out pretty early in the mountains . . .  thinking about all the critters that live in the nearby woods.

Funny thing is this: last night as I was getting ready for bed, I heard coyotes howling in the distance. “That’s odd,” I thought with a slight touch of panic. I live in a city, but there is a bog and wooded area on the other side of my backyard. Guess I will still need to keep an eye on Mr. Chip, who loves to checkout critters. Speaking of that: we also have a family of bunnies living in a small clump of bushes near the fence. Sigh and double sigh. That is something I also didn’t expect to encounter. (smile)