This photograph was taken of the trout steam (actually the Chattahoochee River) that runs behind Nora Mill in northeast Georgia. The mill is located just past The Sautee Valley but before you get to Helen.

I enjoy going to the mill, especially in the winter, where I purchase fresh stone ground oats and grits. They call the grits “Southern Ice Cream” though I have never taken my love for grits that far. But I have to admit that these are really good grits and nothing like you buy in the stores. In fact, I have been so spoiled by eating them that I won’t buy the stuff that is on a grocery shelf. You can order from Nora Mill online. I’ve place the link to the Web site at the bottom of this post.

While I was at the mill past weekend, I overheard an older couple talking. The husband hesitantly asked his wife if she wanted to buy a small bag of grits. Lots of emphasis was placed on the word “small.” This type of question always catches my attention because it usually means that someone in the group is not from the south.

Sure enough, the wife looked at her husband and with a thick northern accent replied, “I really don’t think I could do that.” Obediently, the husband laid the bag of grits down and walked away. . . . So, what did they buy as a souvenir? Maple syrup! (Smile) No further comment is needed!

Here’s the link!  Nora Mill