Wow! The water in this photo is being released from the Tallulah Falls Lake into the gorge below. It only happens a few times a year. The hydroelectric dam is operated by Georgia Power. Normally, the river that flows through the area is at a much lower level. But on “release days,” the water rushes and thunders  through the gorge giving visitors a rare visual treat and also a feeling of what Tallulah Gorge once looked like before the dam was built. On these days, kayakers and white water rafters can take up their paddles and plummet through raging waters—I’m sure—for a thrill of a lifetime. Just don’t look for me to do it. It will never happen—never.

I’m much more content taking Cocoa Joy for long walks along the rim trail of this awesome and beautiful place. We hike to the several overlooks where we look down into the rushing waters below.

I never get tired of the views from the rim overlooking the Tallulah Gorge. It is truly an amazing sight. But you don’t have to be just an observer. You can hike down to the waterfalls. The Park Service allows those who are physically fit or just plain crazy to go down the iron steps to the expansion bridge and beyond. You can even access the gorge “floor” and hike through the area with a special permit. . . . I have done both and have lived to write about it.

Nothing too much to add to this photo! Cliffs without railings! Severe vertical drops!, Loose Rocks, slippery footing and sudden flooding! What are we waiting for?!