One of my favorite breakfast places is BJ’s located in the downtown area. Usually, I see people there I know—people who live and work in this community. Across the room in this photo is Dr. Bob and his wife Frances. We go to church together—what fun! The guy who is my dentist came in with his wife. As I was leaving, he said, “See you later.” Gulp.

I don’t eat like this way often. Even though I would love to have French toast and fresh sausage at BJ’s every Saturday morning, I refuse to do it. . . . just refuse it! (Be strong my waining heart!)

Breakfast and then it was time for a little county music on the city corner. Honestly, I want to do something fun and cool like this when I get to be this guy’s age.

Later, we all headed out to buy fresh strawberries. These are wonderful!

I noticed that fresh Vidalia onions are available. Here’s a secret. Don’t buy anything that does not have a label like this one. A few weeks ago, I bought an onion that said it was a Vidalia but it wasn’t. Morgan Farms is located in south Georgia—the real home of Vidalia onions! Don’t be fooled by big corporations that say theirs are Vidalias. Nope. Everyone in Georgia knows the difference is in the soil. And these onions are great when grilled outside on a grill with smoked apple wood.

And then there were peaches! These are from south Georgia, too, but the guy who owns Jaemor Farms made sure I knew theirs would be ready in two weeks! We’re having an early Summer!

Here’s my beautiful Cocoa Joy. She was with me every moment of the day. Well, not at BJ’s but she was with me the rest of the time. I can’t leave Cocoa behind.