I went for a ride on Saturday afternoon and ended up in Homer, Georgia. I’ve never been there before, but the moment I saw this gas station, I knew I would have to get out of the car and take photos. Cocoa sniffed around the neatly trimmed park and both of us were amazed by what we saw, especially beneath the older wooden building in the photo above. I know . . . what was I doing looking under old buildings? We could see lots of antique “finds” at the edge of the building and had to investigate.

The is the old Banks County Court House. Just being in this setting made me feel like I had stepped back in time. I asked Cocoa if she wanted to climb the stairs to the balcony with me, and she hesitated. True confession: the steps were a little frighting—very narrow and steep. The courthouse is one of the oldest in Georgia. It was built in 1870 and restored in the 1980’s. Today, it houses the offices of the Banks County’s Chamber of Commerce.

Here is a photo of one of the building’s columns. The exposed the brick really shows the age of this courthouse. The outdoor pavilion in the background is where I imagine many town events have taken place.

Chip refused to climb the steps. Cocoa went unwillingly but trusted me in the venture. This is really an interesting town, and I plan to return soon. The main Web site also lists a covered bridge, which is a rarity in Georgia since Sherman burned most of them on his march to the sea. (Yikes!)

My best guess is that this house escaped the torch, too.