Last week good friend Louise Bryan asked me to come out to Wessy’s trainer’s fields. While Blaine Tarnecki is really not her “trainer” because he trains for Master Level field trials, Wessy has always loved being around him. She did get to see her trainer Bree Broome, which was badly needed.
Wes has been my shadow through all this latest cancer stuff. And I think it has impacted her. I struggled as I watched her try to be normal but also keeping me in her sight. “Dogs know,” Bree told me. Finally, when Wessy got to go in the ponds and chase bumpers, she relaxed. She was Wes again—secure within herself.
I had been struggling with trusting God through this whole ordeal. You want cancer to go away and never come back. No need to go into details. But on this Good Friday, my thoughts are on Christ’s disciples and how they never wanted Jesus to leave. The most secure I feel is when I realize anew that I am in His Hands, and I hear His Spirit say to my heart: “I love you!”
Blaine had been watching Wessy retrieve bumpers and realized that she was not afraid to jump in even though dogs a lot more trained than her had been running “blinds” and doing all kinds of Master Level stuff.
This is when he walked over to her and put his hands on her face and bent down and whispered: “I love you, Pup!” Wow, she was in the Master’s Hands. I snapped the photo because that’s what photographers do. You unemotionally get the shot! But you had better believe when no one was watching, I cried for her and for me.
Years ago, Oswald Chambers wrote: “Kept by the power of God” that’s where we all want to be!
Have a Blessed Easter! Remember, you are in the Master’s Hands!