Made it up Wildcat Mountain this past Friday. This could be my last hike for a while. It was difficult because my cancer came back but an operation removed all of it! The “spot” was not huge, but I’m scheduled to through chemo again.

It was contained in one place.

God’s way of keeping me once again! He has used this one thing as a blessing. Yes, I’m sad that the mountains will have to wait! But they haven’t moved in thousands of years, so I’ll look forward to returning to them as soon as all of this is over . . . and you know me, maybe even before.

Wessy loving the hike!

Love these views even through the trees!

Wildcat summit.

Heading back down and Wessy is always ahead of the group! Love the spring green!

Our favorite tree and the place where we usually stop and rest before heading on up to the summit.

On this welcoming day, we had a Carolina Blue sky in Georgia!