It’s been a couple of years since I said, “Let’s drive out for sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway.” The crazy recovery from chemo continues but it’s going so much better. So, we are off on another hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have been following local Asheville photographer Deborah Scanneli Photography on Facebook and so much of what she photographs in her free time is along the Parkway.

I have seen posts where she will pop up and write something—like “I’m going” to this place or that place. Anyone want to meet up for classes or a short lesson?” I wish I could. One of the places  she visits to shoot sunrises and sunsets is Waterrock Knob.

It is a place I will always remember because it was my first over 6,000 foot hike after finishing chemo. Of course, you drive to the parking lot and then hike up the summit. These over 6k hikes can be a mile straight up or two or three. Waterrock was tough but it was necessary. It was the first. Once I got to the top, I knew it would not be my last. It would be one in a line of many peaks that I would want to hike.

You can see why being on this peak is so memorable. And you can see why it is almost impossible to forget.

Quiet, peace, even though surrounded about others, my heart stood still.

And though it was only September 1, we were all in sweatshirts! This couple was totally bundled up. On the mountain, it was in the mid 50’s but earlier in nearby Waynesville, it was in the mid 70’s. Elevation Change!

So, as the sunset began, the sun began to peak out from under the clouds and then.

It was facing my camera. What a Wonderful Creator God! Spontaneously, we all clapped as the sun went down. Simply Amazing!