Just now getting these posted from a hike we went on along the Chattooga River in the Spring. This area is a favorite and the views never fail to surprise. When we arrived at Bull Sluice this spring, kayakers had just gone through. We saw them at the top of the hill resting in a parking lot. Later a Boy Scout leader told us that one had almost lost her life. She got caught in a white water turbine in the middle of the rapid and could not get out. The Chattooga is a dangerous but exciting river.

Below Bull Sluice the water becomes a swift moving river.

The river changes all the time. When we were there, there was a pool above the Sluice which was clear as glass and looked like you could easily wade out into the water but we never do! It’s way to dangerous!

Anne looks up stream. The area is so wild and natural.

And relaxing. You could just drop back and enjoy the view!