At the urging of friends who follow us on Facebook, we went back to Brasstown Falls in SC and I managed to freak myself out again. This time it was over climbing a rock wall to get up to the second falls from the third falls, which is really a sluice.

The climb down is always interesting. Do we go or do we stop? We usually go further and further and further. This part of South Carolina reminds me of the part of North Carolina that I like a good bit, which makes sense. Most of these dramatic falls are off Highway 76. Follow that long enough and you end up in Highlands, North Carolina.

On our way down to the third set of falls, we came across several really cool trees. This one had lots of carvings on it.

Through the trees, we could look back at the second set of falls, which is more like a bridal veil. The red speck in the photo is a person climbing across the rocks. I really like this area a lot because of its sheer beauty.

Finally, we made it down to the third falls, which I did not do last time. You can barely see Evan and Sharon climbing down the rocks in this photo. Yikes! I thought but they kept climbing down. Others took the narrow trail on the mountain side and inched their way down to us.

Jim and his camera on a sand bar near the base of the falls.

I wore my Chacos and easily waded out into the water to get this shot of Jim and Brasstown Sluice.

Then we had to get lined up for a quick photo. This is about the time that I discovered that I had lost the floating gold heart that Mom had given me years ago. We didn’t even panic. We just prayed and as I walked back into the water to look for it, Anne reached down in shallow, sandy area and said, “Here it is!” Thank you, God!

A view from the base of the second falls of Evan and Pat as they walked over to look down at the falls below.

I turned the camera around and took this photo of the falls behind me.

Others lingered a little longer at the falls but we wanted to hike out to see the first set of falls. The only way to reach it is to hike through a couple of feet of water and at this point, we were ready for BBQ!

I did grab this parting shot on my way out—a fern glade.