I don’t know if goats can be beautiful but this one certainly is cute! A visit to Cavonna’s farm was again—very special!

Everyone wanted to have a few minutes with the babies! Pat loved this one! It’s a keeper.

I found this group of babies in the shed. I’m beginning to understand this goat thing: If they can climb on, they will! “Hey, guys, smile for the camera! Thank you!!”

There’s something about a sweet baby animal that everyone loves. Stacy (Cavonna’s husband) certainly loved this little guy.

And this one had her eye on me! Yikes!

There’s a special bound between mom and baby and I think it is love but also tolerance.

See what I mean? Tolerance, love, and gentleness.

Beautiful! Cavonna sells some of her goats because she is a smart business woman.  But I’m afraid I would keep everyone and they would eat me out of house and home as I tried to keep up with feeding them.

Sweetness to the max. I love living in this area of Georgia and getting to know the people. Some of the nicest folks live in Toccoa.