When I first opened the “cottage” back up in December 2013, the furnishings were sparse! Slowly, furniture was returned and added back to this once full to-overflowing house. Since I was in a more serious townhouse in Marietta, I felt like having fun in this “cottage” was the way to go.

And since Chip was “cow crazy,” I decided to take my first Cow Time photo and put it on canvas and hang it over the fireplace. Ha! It was an instant hit with Chip and with my friends, who were slowly warming up to the idea of Cow Time in Toccoa.

“Cow Time” has become a code word for getting away. Leaving the stresses of work and the world behind. It’s a fun place, where friends gather and linger. While it was not the best photo around, that little photo of “my” cow has became a favorite with those who visit the cottage and especially Chip. Every time he jumps up on the ottoman or the sofa, he looks up, sees the photo, and sniffs the air to see if it is a real cow! But its not.

This poor fireplace once had a wonderful piece of artwork hanging over it. Today, it is Cow Time Central and I love it!

A few months ago, an older friend dropped by for a visit. Since she is not a true dog lover, I didn’t mention how much Chip loved the “Cow Time” photo hanging over the fireplace. But I did notice her looking up with a weird look of wonder. After a few minutes, she stopped mid-sentence and said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” I said not knowing what was coming next.

“Why in the world do you have a picture of a cow hanging over your fireplace?”

I smiled.

By this time Chip had worked his way into the den and was looking up at the Cow Time photo. He whined softly and sniffed the air. With a straight face, I said, “It’s simple. He loves cows and he has my heart. He’s a cow dog”

To this day, I haven’t forgotten the look on my friend’s face. How could a little dog invoke me to place a print of a Toccoa cow over my white fireplace? I guess it is pretty hard to understand, that is, unless you understand about Cow Time and what it means to so many of us . . . including my little Cow Dog Chip.

Chipley with his favorite stuffed cow.