I love driving to Neel Gap at almost anytime of the year, but over the last few years going there on New Years is a treat. I have been there on snowy days and in the heat of summer.

We always stop for a moment at the place where the AT runs through Mountain Crossings, which is were the Walasi-yi building is located. It was completed in 1937, the same year as the Appalachian Trail. The Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the building as a dining/dance hall and inn. It is now a shop for hikers and tourists. The ground floor of the inn contains a hostel for thru hikers on the AT.

We overheard a couple of hikers talking about heading north on their thru hike. I knew that heavy rains were about to hit the area followed by super cold temperatures. I checked the AT journals last night and one of the guys had realized the rain was not going to let up. He dropped off the trail until a later date.

The AT heads north to Maine over 2,000 miles.

I always enjoy going to the Mountain Crossings store where there lots of clothing and other things along with a collection of old packs and discarded shoes that did not work out with thru hikers.

In fact, there are lots of discarded shoes tossed up in almost every tree surrounding the building.

I love this dog’s head.

Big Smile!