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Prayer for Cocoa

Can we ever be fully prepared for bad news? I don't think we can. God gives us hints of things to come but there is still the initial shock of hearing something for the first time. And we have become numb to it in many ways because our televisions are full of things that should [...]

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Count down to Spring!

Sort of a picture perfect for Cocoa, who grew up visiting this area. It's hard to watch her turn silver after being so chocolate for so long. We were at Watson Mill yesterday and it was beautiful. The temperature was in the '60s! She's always my good girl even though she still loves to steal [...]

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Silly Photos

I have never minded silly photos taken of myself and this is one of three. (Prof) Clarence Wulf and I met for coffee this past Saturday morning, and talked "camera talk." He's in his '80's and is taking a class on video photography! We set my camera up to take time lapse photos. It is [...]

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Bull Sluice

This scene never fails to amaze me and also to relax me. This is one of the most dangerous rapids on the Chattooga River, which is a class five river. It is hard to photograph fully the beauty and the wildness of this place. We have always climbed around on the rocks with the dogs. [...]

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