Can we ever be fully prepared for bad news? I don’t think we can. God gives us hints of things to come but there is still the initial shock of hearing something for the first time. And we have become numb to it in many ways because our televisions are full of things that should shock us but no longer do. But I was pretty shocked yesterday when I got the results of a second blood test that Cocoa had done. She has very low blood sugar. I have noticed something odd in her eyes, especially in photos, for a couple of months now. Her vet in Marietta will do another blood test on Tuesday, but I may be looking at the possibility of her having something very wrong with her pancreas and possibly a tumor. Sandy, her trainer at Dog School 101, is trying to talk me through this. And I’m sure I’ll end up talking with Lila C. Windus​ in Toccoa, but first I want to have the paperwork and the results. Please pray for me as I think through this and also for wisdom—I always need God’s wisdom and insight. And pray for Cocoa—I know it is silly to ask for prayer for a dog but she is a very special balanced dog that as been used to bring joy to many hearts and lives, most of all mine.