I held my breath when I took these photos. Yes, I had a slightly longer lens but it was not that long and I knew the horses were watching me. I was caught up in their eyes . . . the eyes behind the wild and unkept manes.

The horse above this one is not the same but they could easily pass for sisters or brothers—slight white blaze and eyes that pierced me through and through. As I snapped this photo, he did not flinch and neither did I. He was wild and free and I was anything but that. I am held captive by the pace of this world,  but he is not. The wind, the sand dunes, and Cumberland’s tall grasses are his to roam.

As far as I can see, the road travels on in front of me and that is where I met these wonderful horses. They just stepped out in front of me and the noise of my world vanished in their presence.

Powerful and strong. I saw the veins in their faces and longed to touch them but knew better. They watched me and had little to no concern over my presence. I realized that instinctively they knew their strength and ability to leave as quickly as they had come.